Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All too Much for Oliver... until it's not.

'All too Much for Oliver' is a touching story about a young boy who finds the busy world around him a bit too much for his liking. Truth be told, the busy uncontrollable world we live in is too much for some adults as well. 

Oliver is a highly sensitive child who does not like loud noises or crowds and he prefers to stay indoors and play in the tranquility of his own room rather than in a chaotic playground or the packed neighbourhood pool with children and grown ups belly flopping and splashing about uncontrollably. 

That is until Odile moves in next door and opens up new  experiences for him. Because of their fast friendship, Oliver dares to venture to a playground with her and he  even attends Odile's birthday party where he joins the many guests in all the noisy celebratory activities.

Though Odile provides him the key to a world outside the comfort of his carefully controlled playroom, it's Oliver who ultimately unlocks the door to the loud and crowded world that he bravely steps into on his own terms and in his  own time.

There are a lot of sensitive children -- and adults too -- just like Oliver who are so deeply misunderstood and judged. As a child I was an introvert and not very sociable,  some would even say I'm socially awkward, brash and some would say even worse. So I can relate to this book very well.

'All too Much for Oliver' is a sweet, sensitive story written with a lot of heart  and understanding by Leila Boukarim and charmingly illustrated by Barbara Moxham.

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