Friday, May 25, 2012

Asian Festival of Children's Content 2012 is Here!!

The Scholastic goodie bag attendees will receive!
Well after months of planning and lots and lots of hard work on the part of the NBDCS team: Mr Rama, Kenneth, Faith, Vasantha, Celine, Filzah AFCC 2012 kicks off today. I think it's going to be the best festival yet!

I headed down to the airport yesterday to pick up keynote speaker Leonard Marcus from the airport, and I checked the timing of the flight before I left for the airport  and it was on schedule for 5:15pm but  when I arrived, I was more than half an hour late because the flight arrived early! I feel so badly about that and I am so sorry, Mr Marcus. Anyway we got to the hotel with out any further incident, thank goodness.

Books at Bookaburra

Festival Manager Kenneth Quek and Author/Illustrator Susanna Goho

Norman Jorgensen, Dianne Wolfer, Festival Director Mr Rama and Susanna Goho 
Celine and Vasantha and Faith getting everythig ready for the big day

The Registration Booth
After that I headed down to the Arts House, the venue for AFCC where everything seemed to be progressing nicely. Here are some of the snaps I took today. So I hope to see everyone there tomorrow...Good night.

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