Friday, May 3, 2013

London Day Seven

So the fair was finally over and we had time to have a full English breakfast, which is something that I wanted since we arrived in London. So we all headed to a pub and ordered exactly the same thing. Well, except for the fact that I ordered a hot chocolate instead of a coffee.
My Big English Breakfast

Then it was back to the Jade to finish packing for our move to the Think Apartments Tower Bridge. Now the Think Apartments looked extremely good online and I was looking forward to the move, but from the moment we arrived at the wrong address, because they gave us the office address instead of the hotel address, things went down hill. The apartments looked nothing like what they do online, and furthermore, the corridors were shoddy and room numbers were plastered on the walls on a computer print out. Talk about major disappointment. The rooms had a view of the shard and were comfortable enough but other than that I would have to say that the Jade at Earls Court is miles better than Tower Apartments any time. I felt badly because I pushed for a change of hotel...

So after checking in to two rooms, only two were ready for check in at check in, we headed to the tube Station, then the over ground to Watford Junction an onto the Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Brothers Studios.

Celine and Kenneth by the cupboard under the stairs at No 4. Privet Drive.

The Great Hall

Butter Beer
At Olivanders at Diagon Alley

Buck Beak


Celine at Hogwarts

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