Sunday, January 10, 2010

Celebrity Kids Book Authors

When you're a kids book author  you're not going to have it easy, especially if you're based out of a small country that isn't exactly a publishing hub.   This is something I've come to terms with a long time ago. However, there have been many times I've thought of calling it quits. I've realized that you can't really make $$$ writing kid's books. Well, unless you're  JK Rowling,  Wendy Orr, Stephanie Meyer, Maurice Sendak  or a celebrity author like  Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, then sure yeah.  That's a different story entirely.

Ok, I'm going to digress for a moment, but why do entertainment celebrities (popstars, movie stars) who make tons of money cross over into writing children's books?  Authors have got it hard enough trying to make a buck and then these big time stars with mega bank accounts and  huge fan bases and get massive advances and mega $$$ for doing children's books. Do children's authors attempt to act in movies? Or become recording artistes? No! But man, perhaps we should. Hey,  Tim McGraw,  Billy Crystal, Bette Midler move over,  I'm moving into the world of entertainment...  Ok, you can relax, Madonna,  I'm not going to record multiple albums, I'm not going to stage massive world-wide concerts or comedy tours. Basically because I can't tell a joke to save myself,  and I can't dance, play a musical instrument or sing  as I'm completely and utterly 100% tone deaf. And the only acting I do is acting innocent whenever the brownies, meatballs or whatever suddenly and mysteriously disappear from the fridge.

Ok, sorry for that little tirade. I'm done. I guess celebrities write for kids for the same reason children's authors do and I can't fault them for that.  Why do we do it, why do I do it? Because I love it.  And cos I can't really do anything else. Ha, ha, ha...ha. Wait, no, that's not so funny, it's quite sad and pathetic actually.

Truthfully, through ups, of which they have been few, and the downs, of which they have been many, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I get to have my head in the clouds all the time, much to my Mom & Dad's chagrin. And though, you can't really make any $$$ out of writing picture books, there is one thing that makes it all worth the while:  When a kid writes to you to tell you they love your story.   And that is something that no money can ever buy.

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