Saturday, October 15, 2016

God's Special Someone

This is an unpublished manuscript. But whether it is published or not, I thought I'd share it with you. 

God’s Special, Special Someone
David Seow and with His Grace

Pages 2-3
One day the world needed someone special.
So God made an extra special someone …

Pages 4-5
He planned lots of wonderful things for His special someone.

Pages 6-7
He chose the best mum and dad …

Pages 8-9
and decided if there would be brothers and sisters

Pages 10-11
He picked a cozy house on a nice street

Pages 12-13
and the best grandmas and grandpas he could find

Pages 14-15
He found just the right school.

Pages 16-17
Then filled it with the teachers who would teach

Pages 18-19
And the very best friends someone would ever meet.

Pages 20-21
Now God always watches over His special someone.

Pages 22-23
He smiles when His someone is nice.
He frowns when his someone is naughty.

Pages 24-25
He beams when His someone is brave.
He cares when His  someone is scared.

Pages 26-27
God’s pleased when His someone is helpful and kind.
He’s peeved when hissomeone is selfish and mean.

Pages 28-29
He laughs when His someone is oh so happy.
He cries when His  someone is oh so sad.

Pages 30-31
And whether naughty or nice, brave or scared, kind or mean, happy or sad…
God will always love his special, special someone because that someone special is…

Page 32

The End.

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