Friday, June 19, 2015


So I set my alarm and just in case I snoozed past that I got my mum to give me a wake up call. I was more nervous about moderating Wendy Binks'  session than Ying's  because I was not feeling 100% and I could hear my voice fading in and fading out, so how on earth was I going to moderate?

Wendy's  session was great, what can I say, the lady's a genius. I bought her book and I got her stuffed emu too. Hey, don't judge me, I collect toys!

After her session, I went down for a snack and met up Shirin Yim Bridges. As you can see, I managed to pin her down to discuss our future publishing deals. This photograph is evidence of a *binding  contract* Thanks, Shrin. Looking forward to working with you.

After 'signing' my deal with Shirin. Sarah and Sally Murphy wanted to get into the picture decided to pose 'red-carpet' style in front of the AFCC backdrop. I was tempted to ask them who they were wearing but figured I would have to google the designers online to find out who they were, so I ultimately decided not to.

With my role as paparazzi over,  I ran into Simon who was prepping for their speed pitch sessions. Sarah and Linda were pitching too.  I tried my darnedest to make them nervous but they know me too well and it didn't work.

Simon was so prepared that it was not even funny. Sarah had already pitched last year so this was all old hat to her. I managed to sneakily snap two shots as they were pitching. I don't know why they call it a speed pitch when it's really not that speedy. Here they are both pitching to Alison Norrington.

Growing bored since I had nothing to pitch myself,  I grabbed a drink at the Library and then headed home to change for the last event of the Festival, China Night at the SMU Administration Building.

Felicia, Ken, Evelyn and Myra

Emcees for the evening: Amy Cheng and Caleb Tsai

The Teng Ensemble

I hadn't heard of the Teng Ensemble before and I was pleasantly surprised by the pieces they performed. They even arranged a piece especially for AFCC. Now I can't wait to get it on CD. Then it was time for our Chairman, Ms Claire Chiang to deliver her closing speech. I  get a tad sentimental at the end of every the AFCC, because I think of all the hard work everyone's put in to make it a success and it's always a bit sad when it comes to an end. 

The Chairman

The Deputy Director, Children and Juvenile Division
Hunan Publishing.

Then it was time for the rep from Hunan Publishing House to deliver the final speech of the evening on behalf of the country of focus, China!

With the speeches delivered, the evening was far from over, there was a special performance of R Chandran's 'The Snail who didn't Want his Shell' by the children of ACT3 International.

The Snail Who Didn't Want his Shell by Act 2 Int'l.

The kids were adorable and I think we should get them to perform every year. After they took their bow, Tsai and Amy invited the Chairman and the authors from both China and Singapore on stage to unveil Lion's Heart, Painted Thoughts, a collaboration between writers from both China and Singapore.

The second book that was unveiled that night was the Chinese translated version of Water by Chris Cheng and illustrated by Susanna Goho. Let me just say that Water's flowing around the world because it was translated into Hindi last year! It's a great book and I can't wait to see it translated into Japanese next year! (Japan is next year's country of focus).

Chris, who is half-Chinese,  spoke briefly about the journey Water has taken him on and he paid tribute to his Dad.

The Chairman and Ms Sim Ann presented the representatives from the host country with a specially commissioned piece of art by Susanna Goho-Quek.

That wasn't the only piece that Susanna was commissioned to paint. She also created a special piece as a token of appreciation for Ms Sim Ann.

With that, AFCC had officially come to a close and it was time to let loose, mix, mingle and munch from the buffet. Congratulations to the entire NBDCS team for pulling off yet another fantastic AFCC. I'm looking forward to next year's festival.

Evelyn, Chris. Auntie Susanna

Fred, Malavika and Adan

The NBDCS Team
Tsai, Mr Rama, Auntie Susanna

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