Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tea with Peter Chiarelli

It's not every day that a big time Hollywood screenwriter pays you a visit. Hey, who am I kidding, it never happens, especially here in this neck of the woods.

So about two days ago, Mum told me that our friend Russel was going to be stopping by with Peter Chiarelli, screenwriter of one of my all-time favourite movies: "The Proposal". I mean I love the movie and I can't tell you how many times that I've watched it. 

And there's nothing like watching a great comedy, especially when you're down in the dumps and, from personal experience, I can tell you that this movie will always manage to get you smiling no matter how low you feel. So I can't wait to watch the next movie that he writes.

Peter Chiarelli, Mum and me
So before the visit, I ran around town getting things for tea: kueh lapis, ondeh ondeh, char siew pau, curry puffs, sausage rolls and Dad brought eclairs and cake from Island Club.

Peter's incredibly affable, so it's no wonder that he's able to come up with comedic gems.  As for tea, he was pretty game to try the kueh lapis and curry puffs, having already sampled laksa and satay for his lunch. I tried to convince him that the coffee he was drinking was coffee luwak, a coffee that is brewed by beans taken from the droppings of a civet cat. That didn't deter from drinking it. Mum, as usual, was unable to let me tease and immediately told him that I was joking.

Anyway, we spent a good hour and a half chatting before Peter and Russel had to head off for another appointment.  I, of course, had to shamelessly pass some of my books to Peter for his children and was definitely chuffed to get my copy of  The Proposal DVD signed. I don't want to say too much about our visit because that's private but needless to say it was a thrill and pleasure to meet Peter. Thanks for coming by, Peter and thanks for bringing him over, Russel! 

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