Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FANGIRL BY Rainbow Rowell

For the first meeting of our book club, we decided on Rainbow Rowell's brilliant book Fangirl. At first I thought it was about a fan of celebrities but what it's really about is a girl who writes fan fiction, who goes to college, has separation anxiety from her twin sister who likes the separation, has a manic depressive father and has abandonment issues because of her runaway mom.

Now, I couldn't have read it fast enough. It reminded me so much of my college years. Not that I could see myself in any one of the characters. OK, some may have a few similarities, but very minor ones. But a lot of the characters reminded me of my classmates. And if any of my old classmates are reading this, I'll leave you guessing to whom I am referring. But it's safe to say that they were female classmates!

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