Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catching Up with Jacqueline Harvey

So for two weeks, my good friend best-selling author Jacqueline Harvey was in town for school visits and the Singapore Writers Festival. Ken, Emma and I caught up with her for dinner right after the WTA finals and we all went to the dimsum restaurant at ION which is a favourite. Jacquie, her sister Sarah, Mum and had lunch there last year, so we decided to try it again. And as usual it was good!

Mum and I caught up with her again after Dave Liew's book launch and then again on Saturday at the American Club. My friend Channie's daughter Drew and her BFF Sarah are huge fans of Jacqueline's and when I told them we were friends they just had to meet her. Since they missed out on meeting Jacquie last year, we arranged for them to meet her at the club.  So over burgers and chocolate lava cake, the girls got their own one on one with the creator of Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose.  And They went home with signed books and posters. How cool is that?

After lunch, Jacquie went back to work on her next best-seller and I headed back home to work on my next afternoon nap.

A few days later members of the SCBWI Singapore group wanted to meet with Jacquie so Kenneth and I arranged dinner at Grandma's a local restaurant that is known for Peranakan cuisine. Jacquie ordered the chicken curry and chatted with the rest of the members who all hoped her best-selling magic would rub off on them over dinner.

When the weekend rolled around, Jacquie was back at the Singapore Writers Festival conducting two work shops. They were brilliant and the parents were as enthused as the kids.

 It was a fun two weeks catching up with Jacquie, though she probably had an overdose of the David Seow experience, I was also glad that I managed to catch up with Jacquie's husband, Ian before they left for their tour of the UK. I look forward to their next visit and hopefully next time I'll be able to catch up with Sarah too. 

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