Monday, July 21, 2014

A Fun Day with the Kids and Teachers of EtonHouse Preschool

Today Soefara, Denise and I headed on down to EtonHouse for a visit and boy did we have a  lot of fun. The principal, Gabrielle, met Soefara and me at the entrance and led us up to the classes we would be visiting: The K2 Bandicoots and the K2 Kangaroos.

I have to say that the kids were brilliant, so smart and a lot better behaved than I was at their age,  or even  now!  After reading If I Were a Blue Kangaroo and At the Night Safari, I discussed what you need to write a story: characters, setting, and plot, while Soefara talked about how she transforms the words of a story into pictures.

Then it was time for the kids to come up with a story of their own. We decided they would write about a character named Ferjerbert.  

The Bandicoots decided that Ferjerbert was a six-year
-old space alien monster with a pet named Flubber who got stuck 
on a very sticky moon.

Soefara's sketch of me reading to the K2 Kangaroos

The K2 Kangaroos had a different idea of who Ferjerbert was. They said that he was a 100-year-old boy with a space alien head and a dinosaur tail who loved eating curry rice ice cream. Yum! He crashed landed on the moon after the rockets on his space ship fell off!

Then two kids from Bandicoot shared their stories about Ferjerbert. Some kids said the moon was sticky because it was made of caramel. I thought this was brilliant! One of the kids, Nico, said that when Ferjerbert and Flubber got stuck on the sticky moon, Ferjerbert tickled Flubber until Flubber burst into tears of laughter and the tears washed away the stickiness! Genius!

Two kids from Kangaroo shared their original stories about a Princess party and a trip to the beach. The stories were amazing! I also have to say I was very impressed by K2 student Eito's drawings. He's so good and he's only five! And his friend Bun does a great job too! 

At the end of the session we handed out stickers to everyone and the two kids who shared their stories received limited edition paper dolls from our latest book, A Day with the Duchess. Thank you to the kids and teachers of EtonHouse for a wonderful morning! Let's do it again!

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