Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Visit to Corporation Primary

Last Friday, Denise, Kelvin and I made a quick stop to Corporation Primary School for a story reading to primary three students.

The kids all agreed that I was a genius, but that was after I asked them to say that I was. Of course I had to reward them with stickers. 

I brought my elephant puppet, Ella with me for my reading of Emma's Elephant. The kids always think it's funny to see a grown man toting around an elephant puppet. As mentioned, my reading was interrupted by several announcements over the PA system.

Once that was done, I immediately launched into reading A Day with the Duchess. Then it was time for the treasure hunt that Denise and I had planned. Thank goodness we had enough prizes for the winners.

Thanks to my fantastic distributors Denise and Kelvin of Closetful of Books for arranging yet another great visit.

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