Saturday, May 17, 2014

Princess Petunia's Dragon Book Launch

Emma's book launch started promptly at 3:30pm and Erin kindly moderated the event for her.  A few days before Emma painstakingly crafted Freddy Dragon masks by hand for the

children to colour and take home with them. It's needless to say it was a time consuming task.

After a brief introduction, Emma started reading excerpts of Princess Petunia and donned a pair of Dragon Ear's much to the amusement of the kids. She even had a Princess Petunia costume for the kids to try on and it's needless to say that the little kids loved it. 

And all to soon the book launch came to an end, but not before Emma was swamped for autographs by her young fans. All in all, we both had a great time at our book launches. Thanks very much to everyone who turned up to support us.

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