Sunday, April 6, 2014

London Day Two, 2014

I hate jetlag almost as much as I hate blogging on an iPad. While Kenneth and Celine managed to get a full night's sleep, I was able to sleep for ad grand total of an hour!  So I was up till the dark blue sky washed into a pale grey and a steady drizzle tapped on my window.

Ken, Celine and I headed to Costa Coffee for breakfast and then to Folyes bookstore, my favourite bookstore in London! After that I took the tube to lunch with my Agents: Jay, Helen and Andrea. 

It's always great catching up with the wonderful ladies of Jacaranda and it was really nice meeting Steve Barron, Ng Yi Sheng and. Michael Jenkins and everyone.

I had a really good time and we discussed our projects and is had to talk about the new book and Emma's current project.  We'll be catching up again over the next few days at the London Book Fair.
The rest of my photos are in my camera and I'll only be able to download them once I am back home.

Oh and I had one of the best fish and chips I've ever had. Yum!!!

After lunch, Emma and I walked back to the hotel and checked in on Ken. I had been fading steadily since lunch and  as soon as I hit his couch , my eye lids felt like they weighed ten tonnes and gravity finally took hold.

They flipped back open when Ken sympathetically -not- snapped: "Don't fall asleep on my couch!" He kindly invited me for a roast beef dinner at his cousin's house but I was just too tired and headed back to my room and promptly passed out.

And guess what? I'm back up again!! Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep now. Till tomorrow! 

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