Monday, April 7, 2014

London Day Three, 2014

So I managed to get more than an hour's sleep on my second night but by 7am, I had a splitting headache and felt kind of dopey-no wise cracks anyone- and so I went for a walk around Earl's Court. At Marks and Spencer's I picked up a couple of drinks and a trifle. There was no new issue of Hello and as I was beginning to feel more and more light-headed with each step I took, I felt it best to go straight back to the hotel rather than collapsing in front of the tube station.

I had just opened the door when Ken stepped out of his room and we agreed that we should have an early lunch with Auntie Susanna, Mika and Celine before going to the exhibition centre. I needed to lie down for a bit and so collapsed in my bed while Ken met up with Auntie Susanna and Mika.

I was sufficiently wide awake when they returned and Celine joined us soon after before we set out for an early lunch. A word of caution for anyone looking for an early lunch, you won't find one! Well we did find a pub that said lunch was being served but out food only arrived at our table at 12:00pm and we ordered it at around 11:30am.

Our lunch orders varied from fish and chips to crockpot chicken and mushrooms. I had the latter and let's just say it was a crock.

With our tummies more or less satisfied, we headed to Earl's Court Exhibition Centre. Edmund Wee, my publisher and Mr Epigram himself was already setting up his booth. He had boxes of books in front if him but my main concern was where were my books? Where were Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di? Where was Duchess? 

The first three books were there but Duchess had not been packed. Thank goodness I had a copy of the book to spare.

Can you see it? 

At the end of the day, We met Auntie Susanna's friend Caroline Gregory at Costa Coffee for a bit and then headed to Dragon Palace for dinner. Exhausted we retired to our rooms at 8:00pm. I fell asleep at around 9pm and got back up at about 3am. Well that's about it for now. More tomorrow. 

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