Monday, April 28, 2014

London, Day Five 2014

The next day I decided to do take hamster Kate for a walk around the neighbourhood before heading to Greggs for breakfast with Kenneth and Celine.

Here Kate is in front of my old student accommodations on Knaresborough Road.

Breakfast at Greggs

Kate at the Laundromat

After breakfast Kenneth and Celine headed off to the fair while I hit the laundromat to do some much needed laundry. Everything was going well until I took the laundry and everything was wet1! It turns out it was a faulty dryer. So I had to reload everything into another dryer  and I had to wait for another half an hour for everything to dry. Then I had to fold and schlep the laundry back to my room, fold and pack it before I headed back to the fair.

Emma was there with her illustrator Charlotte and she told me that HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was making a surprise visit to the fair but no one would tell us where or when because it was a surprise!

Auntie Susanna and Mika arrived after a shopping trip to Covent Garden and Leceister Square for a bit before they headed back to Highgate. Unfortunately, I missed seeing the Duchess of Cornwall by half an hour. :(

In the evening Kenneth and I walked to Daunt Books from our hotel for a reading by our Singapore authors. It was a nice walk but I think Kenneth was a bit embarrassed by the fact that I kept on taking photos of Kate around the neighbourhood.

After the reading, we joined the ladies of Jacaranda for a nice dinner at a Lebanese restaurant before calling it a night and getting ready for the last day of the fair.

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