Sunday, February 23, 2014

There's Soup on My Fly at the Alliance Franchaise

So after lots of planning, months of rehearsals and one author, who to put it mildly can be rather crotchety at times, Storybook Theatre's production of There's Soup on My Fly! was ready to go.

Juliet kindly invited me to one of the shows and let me bring whomever I liked. So Emma, Soefara, Denise and Kelvin all joined me on my big day out. Evelyn, Sarah and Kenneth saw it earlier in the week and Catherine had watched it during a dress rehearsal at one of the schools, but this was entirely different as it was going to be performed in an actual theatre!

So with tickets in hand, we all traipsed our way down to the Alliance Franchaise. Denise and Kelvin were late but that's ok because Denise brought Valentine's Day candy, which Emma proceeded to much on during the production. She even munched on mine!

Anyway, I was really happy to see that there were so many kids waiting at the lobby for the next showing when we showed up. Juliet was busy so after a quick hello and introductions to some of the other guests, I tried to stay out of the way and not get into any trouble.

At the theatre with my public who had absolutely no idea that I wrote the story!
BTW Emma and Denise told me to behave!
Elaine and Melissa were busy in the theatre with the previous performance, which was wrapping up at that point. Then the doors opened and groups of kids streamed out. 

Juliet led us to our seats and my fellow author Emily Lim was there with her family and another fellow author Shekinah Linn was hiding somewhere at the  back of the theatre, avoiding my wrath for being late! I tried to be a bad influence on Emily's son, Caleb, but there was no chance of being influenced by me at all! And in the end, Shekinah avoided my wrath because she actually showed up. Thanks, Emily and Shekinah!

Then it was time for the show to start. The whole team did a tremendous job and they had the kids and adults in stitches. Thanks to Juliet, Elaine, Melissa and the whole team! 

Famished, we made the short walk to Newton Hawker Centre for lunch before Emma and I got to work on our school presentation for the Overseas Family School the following week. All in all, I would say it was one of the most memorable Valentine's Days I've ever had.

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