Thursday, February 20, 2014

The International School Singapore, Day Two

So after a really enjoyable first day at the International School Singapore, Emma and I headed back there the next morning to conduct workshops with second and third graders.

Again I am amazed at how bright and well-mannered the children are, much more than I was when I was back in school. They caught on really quickly and they came up with some amazing ideas.

Emma with two students reading their ideas out

After a brief break, we were ready for the group of  students Denise had to go off for a meeting so she couldn't hang around to take pictures, but that's OK. Our second workshop was as much fun as the first one.

Both Emma and I hadn't conducted workshops together before this, but we had a blast. I hope the kids had fun and learnt something too.

With that, my official part of my visit to ISS had come to an end. Emma still had one more talk after lunch, so we made a quick dash to the Ion food court before high-tailing it back to school for her talk with fourth graders.

Now, you wouldn't have been able to tell that this was Emma's first solo school talk. She's a natural She had the kids enthralled from the start. 

And as the session drew to a close, the kids got in line to for her to autograph their copies of Princess Petunia's Dragon.

With that our time at ISS was over. I have to say that we both had a tremendous time and once again I have to say a tremendous thanks  to Susan, Marilu and Graham.

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