Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jason Erik Lundberg at the Writers Fest

Catherine Carvell, Emily Lim, Pauline Lo 

I headed on down for Pauline Lo's second book launch appropriately on the second day of the writers' book fest. On my way there, I spied fellow Epigram authors Adan and Felicia Low Jiminez aka AJ Low of the immensely popular Sherlock Sam series, prepping for their treasure hunt. I decided not to frazzle them out and went straight to the Pavilion, where Pauline's launch was to be held.

Adan and Felicia and their many fans.

Hankering for some dessert, I perused the selection of cupcakes and cakes on offer at the cake stand and bought this for tea for S$6:50, only to discover that Pauline had a selection of tea time tasties for her book launch.  Darn, the cake lady refused to offer me a refund, even though my cake had only one bite in it! Unbelievable!!

After tea, I bumped into Kristina Thornton, co-author of the ultra successful The Wee Adventures of Shabu-Shabu book and app and we hightailed it to the Alternate Realities panel, featuring Jason Erik Lunberg  and Dean Francis Alfar. We were late and according to Kristina I made quite an entrance as my rustling paper bags were quite a distraction.  I'm  Sorry, Jason and Dean, but if Kristina hadn't been late, we wouldn't have been quite disruptive! :P I have to say their session was the best, a riot and I had a blast. We all did.

Jason Erik Lundberg,  Rajeev Patke, Dean Francis Alfar

We had post panel drinks at TCC with Kenneth and Emma
before grabbing dinner at Mexican eatery Baja Fresh and heading back home.  Watch out for my post about my one minute pitch at the Singapore Writers Festival.

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