Friday, June 7, 2013

Jumbo Seafood Dinner with Wendy and Tom

With the book launch out of the way, it was time to kick back and relax with a nice dinner with Wendy, Tom, and the Singapore SCBWI members.

Emma, Wendy and Catherine

Thanks to Catherine and Emma, we finally decided on Jumbo Seafood as the perfect venue for dinner, but due to a slight bit of confusion some of our members ended up at the wrong restaurant. Thankfully it was within walking distance of the right one.

I have to say Catherine did an excellent job of ordering: chilli crab, black pepper crab, scallops, satay, mee goreng etc...I swear she must be turning into a Singaporean because she was worried that she didn't order enough food. She started off the evening with a welcome speech to Wendy and Tom. I honestly do not know why she says that she's a nervous speaker because she is such a natural.
Tracy, Tom and Emma

The food was great but it was the company that made the evening. Catherine decided that we should switch places so that others could get the chance to talk to Wendy and Tom. 

I sat next to Kate Lillenthal's husband Mark and wouldn't you know it, we both went to the same school in Oregon - the Oregon Episcopal School -although Mark went there several years before I did.

Enrico and Michael shared their illustration techniques between courses, Tracy tackled her chilli crab and I shovelled  down whatever was put in front of me.
Tracy and her tangos with her chilli crab
Catherine serves Wendy her first chili crab
Ola, Michael, Kristy and Enrico

Tom and Kate
Emma, me, Caz Goodwin and Mark
Tom and Wendy with the SCBWI members.

All of us had a really good time and at our next meeting, we  unanimously agreed that the dinner was one of the highlights of AFCC.  The sad thing is that our RA Kenneth Quek was unable to attend because he was  busy running a little thing called the Asian Festival of Children's Content.  He was there in spirit - but he was obviously eating something completely different.

Kenneth was there in spirit and of course eating something completely different.

A huge thanks goes to  Catherine and Emma for all their hard work and for the food tastings we embarked on in our search for the perfect chilli crab. Hey, that could be a reality show: the search for the perfect chilli crab. And huge thanks to our guests of honour Wendy and Tom for making it such a memorable evening.  We wouldn't have had the dinner if you weren't in town, so you've got to come back so we can do it again! And next time hopefully Ken Quek and Sarah Mounsey will be able to make it too.

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