Friday, May 3, 2013

London Day Eight

Celine was meeting up with an old friend of hers on our last day, so Kenneth and I decided to head to the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery, SouthBank. No photos were permitted, but it was an interesting exhibition of different light installations. Some were visibly better than others but that was to be expected. Honestly,  It was quite inspiring, one day I may become an installation artist if I don't end up electrocuting myself first. Hey, if that happens my books may actually sell!

We decided to see a play at the last minute, so we tubed it to Leicester Square and booked tickets for one of the hottest shows in town -- Matilda. Then we stopped off  at Foyles to browse the books and to have something to drink before Ken went off for a lunch appointment. I wondered around Leicester Square for a bit and checked out celeb hot spot the Ivy before taking the tube to Knightsbridge and high-tailing it to the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, where a very important personage was scheduled to make an appearance at the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Challenge press conference.

Waiting for the VIP

Prince Harry, the VIP arrives

Prince Harry departs

Shortly thereafter I got a message from Ken, asking if I would like to meet for tea at the British Museum. As I'm rather directionally challenged, I took the tube to Leceister Square, did a bit of shopping at Foyles and asked the cashier for directions and I actually did manage to find it.

The British Museum

My tea

I ordered the scones, jam and clotted cream but only managed to finish about half my order. After downing my cup of tea, we checked out the Rosetta Stone, which I haven't seen since I was 13!

The Rosetta Stone

Then it was time to go to the theatre and Kenneth spotted a celebrity in the crowd: actor Chris O'Dowd, whom I met on my last day in London last year. He's fast becoming my last day in London celebrity. Kenneth advised me not to approach him, lest I get all fan boy crazy. Fortunately for Kenneth I agreed not to, since I did that the previous year.

The show, in a word, was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and the song that I could relate to the most was 'When I Grow Up' because I still haven't.

After the show, we debated about whether to go for dinner, but we had been out for the whole day and we were kind of tired, so we opted to go back to the hotel by cab. The trip was over, we were tired and we still needed to pack and check out of the hotel by 2pm the next day. I finished the last of my packing and went to bed by midnight.

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