Monday, April 29, 2013

London Day Four

Sorry for the delay...but things got rather busy when the fair started. Celine and Kenneth spent most of Sunday making sure that the Singapore Pavilion was set up to perfection and it's needless to say it was, because let's face it it was and there's no bias here. Shiuan, Michelle from the National Arts Council of Singapore and all the publishers were there too and then it was off to the hotel to get ready for the first day of meetings!!

After a dinner of king prawn fried rice from Golden Dragon, I knocked off to sleep only to wake up again at 2am. I managed to go back to sleep a few hours later and I got up in time at 6am to get ready for my first day at the fair. I wanted to look intellectual or at least seem intellectual so I decied to don a bow tie after learning how to tie one on youtube. I ended up looking more nutty than dapper.

The first order of the day was to head for breakfast...I was starving, so I grabbed a bacon and sausage bap and a juice. I had barely scarfed it all down (it's a miracle that I didn't spill anything on myself) when my phone rang: it was Enrico, letting me know he had arrived. "Can't talk long, it's costing me lots of money I said. "look for the Singapore Pavilion.
My bacon and sausage bap

Figuring it would take Enrico some time to find me, I wandered around a bit before making my way back to the pavilion. By the time I got there Enrico was there waiting for me...I don't know why I was under the impression that he was directionally challenged but he is not.

We had time to head back to the hotel to drop off his luggage before our meetings. We arrived back at the exhibition hall with minutes to spare before our first meetings. We had a break for lunch before our next meetings so Enrico and I headed up for the less crowded cafeteria. Now I understand why they were less crowded - it's cos they were more expensive!

I have to say that it was quite exhausting walking around the halls and it was nice that the organisers arranged for masseurs to massage the sore muscles of the attendees, but the massages weren't for free- they were charging ten pounds per session.

Enrico at the Singapore Pavilion

At  the Singapore Pavilion

Shiuan, Rosaline and Michele

The Singapore Delegation

Anyway the day ended with a networking night and I met up with some members of  SCBWI UK, including Candy Gourlay and Anita Loughrey.

With the first day of the fair over, Enrico and I headed to Chinatown for dinner, and what Enrico did not know was that I had planned a little post dinner adventure for the both of us.

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