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22  March 2011

So with our trip to Bologna behind us, Kenneth and I jetted back to London on British Airways and there was another familiar face on board - Arthur Levine who had flown on the same plane as us to Bologna six days earlier. It was  thankfully a smooth flight and we got into London shortly after 1pm.

Our hotel: The Millenium Mayfair with a view of Grosvenor Square
After a few harrowing moments, wondering if our transport would actually show up, we headed to the carpark for our two hour ride from Gatwick into London and to our hotel, The Millenium Mayfair. I have to confess after a while, we both fell asleep.

 We finally got to our hotel at about 3:30pm and checked into our room, but the Wifi was not working and neither was the hotel safe. At least we managed to get the safe working after a call to the front desk and then we ordered room service- we were famished as we hadn't had lunch yet. Ken ordered lamb rogan josh and since there was no roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, I ordered the next best thing--fish and chips.

Room service at the Millennium Mayfair

Our hunger pangs satiated, we headed out with map in hand, Kenneth leading the way to Oxford Street for some window shopping and, perhaps, a spot of the real thing. One of our first stops was to Boots to stock up on some supplies and then after a trip to the Nike Store and the Mac Store for Ken and the Disney Store for me...we headed back to the hotel to rest up before dinner with my friends Gee and Chris.

We were both K'oed when I got a message saying "I'm 3 minutes away." After a literal quick change for both of us we were out the door and in the cold London air waiting for Gee to pick us up for dinner.

I can't remember the name of the restaurant we went to but it was good. I had crab on toast as a starter, followed by pork belly and I was too stuffed to partake of any dessert. After dinner Ken and I headed back to the hotel by cab and knocked out for the night. The events of the week really left us exhausted.
Ken, Gee and Chris at dinner

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