Saturday, April 14, 2012

Checking into the Il Convento dei Fiori di seta

So after a taxi ride through the streets of Bologna--I've never seen so many beautiful old builidings or quite so much grafitti. If Singapore law prevailed there, there would be significantly less wall art and a whole lot more sore bottoms, that's for sure-we arrived at the charming Il Convento dei Fiori di Seta, a boutique hotel with only ten guests rooms and such charming and lovely staff, led by the GM Laura.

our room (photo: Il Convento dei Fiori di Seta)
Francesco showed us to our room and as we are kids of the technology age, we whipped Ken whipped out his laptop and I my facebook and we immediately began checking our emails and facebook page!!
Kenneth relaxing in the room after dealing
with a basket case aka David Seow on the plane!

My big fat head and the view from  our room
The view from our room
I looked out of our room to the building acroos the street and an old lady standing by one of the windows closed her shutters. Guess I must have freaked her out a bit. After a few snap shots, we freshened up and decided to explore the city. 

Laura the GM recommended a famous gelato place we had to try, I mean of course we were going to try it. The one food place we decided not to try was, of course, McDonald's. One does not go to Italy to eat a big mac!

So with map in hand and Kenneth leading the way-I would have gotten us lost and we may have ended up in Rome or Venice or Florence- we headed out to see the city.

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