Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bye London

26 March 2012

Well the day of our departure came around all too soon. Kenneth headed off to some last minute meetings and I attempted to cram all my stuff into one suitcase. With that done, I headed out for one last walk around London.

Tim Taylor
I went to the famous Claridges which happened to be just around the corner from our hotel. Then I spotted a member of the Royal Family -no not Kate Middleton but Tim Taylor, husband of the Duke of Kent's daughter Lady Helen Taylor.  

After Kenneth's meeting we headed down for champagne high-tea at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace. Kenneth's sister Karen, kindly bought us a tea voucher.  It's a first class venue, but sadly the service was third rate.
The Orangerie

Tea done, we headed to the gift shop for a quick look-see, then  navigated the complicated exit route -it entailed climbing over a fence- before we hopped in a cab and high-tailed it to our hotel to check out.
Kenneth at champage tea at the Orangerie

I was kind of sad that the trip was over. I hadn't been out of Singapore in six long years and that is enough to dry anyone stir crazy. Hope to get out of the country again soon. Thanks to my family, Kenneth and the NAC for making this trip possible. Hopefully I didn't drive Ken or anyone else completely bonkers...that's it for now. :?

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