Wednesday, April 25, 2012

London Day # 2

23 March

There is nothing quite like a full English breakfast to kick start your day. Thankfully we managed to get free breakfast with our room-Thanks Sheila. The breakfast was terrific, could eat it every day which we did when we were there.


After breakfast, while Ken did some work- the guy was working every spare moment for his festival The Asian Festival of Children's Content-I headed for a  walk along Oxford Street, picked up an Oyster Card for travel by tube before we headed out for a trip to Leicester Square

Post breakfast morning walk

My head was too big for the Foyles sign so I had to retake the photo
Of course we had to stop by the famous Foyles...
Me in front of Foyles

We picked up some tickets for Zach Braff's new play 'All New People" which we intended to see after lunch at London's Rules restaurant, the oldest restaurant in London the following day.

While Ken headed off for a lunch appointment, I wandered around, picked up lunch at Selfridges- a delicious roast beef sandwich and some cupcakes before heading back to the hotel. 

In the evening, I dashed off for dinner with Gee at a nice little Italian restaurant around the corner from the hotel with not so little prices. We started with a seafood salad, shared a Dover sole and I finished with strawberries and cream.  

Gee and the Dover Sole

After  Gee Yung took us for a walking tour around London before we headed back to the hotel for hopefully a full night's sleep...

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