Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop The Canadian Seal Slaugher

The slaughter of Baby Harp Seals has begun. Please spread the news of this horrific and despicable act. My friend and fellow author JC Sparrow  has been working on a about this very topic. She's given me permission to post her story here.  If you have the time, please read this story. Help spread the news.

Amy Harpseal
By JC Sparrow

Amy Harp Seal scurries across the ice. 
‘Bobbie! Bobbie! Where are you?’

Bobby Seagull pops out from behind a snow dune.
He gives her a cheeky wink. ‘Caught two fish!’
Flippity flop, they go on the ice.

‘Me too!’
Floppity Flip, they go on the ice.
Slurp. Gobble. Slurp. Gobble.
Yum! Yum! Yum!

Let’s play!
Amy weaves through the ice dunes.
Bobbie somersaults in the air after her.
Amy slips and slides. Bobbie dips and glides.

Thump! A big heavy club crashes onto the ice, just beside Amy.
Amy looks up. A man looks down.
‘Do you want to play with us too?’ Amy asks.

Thump! Amy swerves left.
Thump, thump! Amy swerves right.
‘I don’t like this game,’ Amy cries.

‘It’s not a game!’ Bobbie screams from above.
Seal hunter! Seal hunter! Run!’
Amy scrambles. Bobbie swoops down.
Snap! Snap! Bobbie pecks the hunter.
Swish! The hunter swings his club.

Amy sleds as fast as lightning towards the water.
The hunter blocks her path.

‘Leave Amy alone!’ Bobbie screams.
He flaps his wings in the hunter’s face.
The hunter looks up.
Amy slides under his legs.

‘Want to play?’ Humpback Wai asks.
‘Shhhh! Seal hunter!’
Seal hunter? Where?’
‘On the ice. Don’t make a sound or he’ll hear us!’

Amy and Wai hide under the ice ledge.

Two heads pop out of the water.
‘You can come out now. The hunter is gone,’ Bobbie says.

‘I have to warn Mama.’
‘I’ll go for help,’ Bobbie says.
 ‘You can ride on my back to Seal Country,’ Wai says.

Wai and Amy barrel through the ocean.

They hurtle past a blue and white hunting boat.

‘Look,’ says Amy. ‘The colony!’
A hunting boat sails into view.
The seals cannot go into the water now.
Click! Click! Click!
The hunters on the boat take aim.

Wai slaps his tail on the water.
Enormous waves crash across the deck of the boat.
The hunters go slipping and sliding into the frigid waters.

 The hunters clamber onto the ice. 
They wave their clubs angrily above their heads.
The seals do not move.

A squadron of seagulls spirals overhead.

‘READY! AIM! FIRE!’ Bobby shouts.
The Gulls drop their  poop bombs.
Splat! Splat! Splat!

The hunters scramble onto their boat.
Peck. Screech. Claw. Squawk.
The boat pulls its anchor up and sails away.

‘Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, Wai,’ Amy says.
The Gulls fly back to the Craggy Cliffs.
Wai swims back to the open sea.

‘Will the hunters come back?’ Amy asks.
Mama nods her head.
‘Then Bobbie and Wai will help us again,’ Amy says.
Mama shakes her head.
‘Hunters are clever. They will find a way to stop your friends.’
Amy frowns. ‘Is there anyone who can help us then?’

Mama nods. ‘Not all people are mean. There are nice people too.
But they do not know our story, so they do not know that we need their help.’

Amy thinks a while.
‘If they knew our story, would that help?
Mama smiles."Yes, Amy, I think it just might.

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