Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Flash into the Past and a Podcast for New Dads

I guess one of the reasons I became a children's book author is part of me doesn't want to grow up. (Well my family insists I still haven't grown up and hence they're constantly telling me to do so). I'm into comic book superheroes, Star Wars, action figures and the unexplained etc, etc.  So this post I'll be talking about the podcasts that I've found on itunes that I enjoy tremendously  and allow me to remain in part of my childhood.

As I said my family thinks I haven't grown up (My theme song is 'I'm a Toys 'R' Us Kid'). So it shouldn't be a surprise that I really enjoy Flash Past on itunes. Now, if you're looking to relieve your childhood or youth, then check out Flash Past with my friends Dan @DanFugate and Steve @Wavesoftech on itunes. Each week the guys discuss something from the past: fast food restaurants, motorcycles,  rollercoasters, TV shows, you  name it. Needless to say the show's an absolute blast. You can even join them live while they're podcasting. There's also a trivia quiz, but you might not want to answer as you may be showing your age. Dan and Steve have great podistry: pod chemistry. Also check out the other podcasts on Waves of Tech. It'll be great to share these shows with your dad.

Speaking of dads, being a dad is a lot of hard work, just ask my dad or big brother.  Ok, before I go any further let me just say that I'm not a dad or a dad-to-be. For that I would have to find a willing accomplice to inflict that kind of cruel and unusual punishment on this poor unsuspecting world. But what I have recently come to realize is that there is not a lot of information for dads-to-be and new dads. While there are  numerous books for expectant mommies, there are hardly any guide books for expectant or new daddies. They're plunged into the deep end of poopy diapers and  hit face first with errant streams of golden newborn pee. If you're about to traverse the joys and travails of fatherhood, where do you turn? Fret not,  there's hope for new dads in the form of  the Daddy on Board podcast, hosted by Clayton Morris and Mike Quackenbush. Childhood chums Mike and Clayton  have come up with exactly what new dads need -- a weekly podcast addressing everything from big DO dos to big Do nots. If you like their hit podcast The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe, which covers everything hip &  happening in the world of music, gadgets, comics, entertainment and everything else,  then you're going to dig Daddy on Board.  It's hilarious, it's a riot and more importantly it's informative. So if you're a long time dad, a new dad, an expectant dad or even if you're not, follow them on twitter @TheDaddyonBoard and subscribe to their podcast on itunes.  Also you might like to check out Mike's other podcast Chikara  Video Podcast A Go Go, and Clayton's other podcasts Today in Social Media and The Paranormal Report which he co hosts with Jim Harold  on itunes.

 And if you're kind enough, please give the podcasts a five star rating. They all deserve it.

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