Thursday, January 21, 2010

End of My Career?

Every so often, when I try to type this blog address in address bar, I get diverted to a Christian end times page. Strange thing is that  the address in the address bar is: ! Is God trying to tell me something? Maybe my career's going to be over before it actually gets started?  Anyone out there have blogs and have been diverted to other websites? Just curious, because if it's just me I'm going to be freaking out.

Moving on, ok, I've been having a tough time getting my books on Amazon. Well, I've got two on Amazon already: The Littlest Emperor and Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale (shameless plug here)  but trying to get 'Soup' on there has kind of been a hellish procedure. Maybe I ain't smart enough to use Amazon.  To quote my nephew "Uncle Dave, What's wrong with your brain?" And so I plod on, trying to figure out the technicalities of something that should be so simple otherwise. Guess that's why I'm a kids book author and not very good at doing anything on the net except blabbering.

Anyway, my distributor is discouraging me from going the amazon route and he promises my book will be up for sale on his website soon.   Thankfully he ships worldwide. Thinking perhaps I should get next book out and place both of them on amazon,  so that I'll have four titles on the site.

Moving on, BAK my next book is plodding along and you can see  two of the illustrations above. Things are coming along, coming along. Think I'm going to stick with Enrico as he knows me all too well. And he puts up with me, which is amazing!

Also before I go, just want you to know that I'm reading Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It! I have one thing to say, "Buy It!"Before I forget, please check out Today In Social Media with Clayton Morris on Itunes. Great, great podcast and I'm learning so much. Ok, it's to the market I go, I'm being summoned.

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