Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potential Charity Book project

Hi Everyone,

Ok book has been put to bed, figuratively speaking. TSOMF will be out in approx two weeks. After that I hand it over to the distributor in Singapore who has guaranteed me that he'll get it into Borders, Kinokuniya and all the other major book shops. Publicity is up to me. Daunting, yes. Challenging, absolutely, But I think I am up for it. Thankfully I still have my friends in the newspaper/magazine industry who are going to lend a helping hand. Thanks to my family who've had to put up with a complete basket case for the past year, but according to them they've probably put up with it for my whole life! Also thanks to those who have been encouraging and supportive for the past couple of months, weeks days - Heathers, Colleen McDaniel, Dan Fugate and Clayton Morris. I wouldn't have been able to get through it without your advice and support. Thank God for TSIM and Twitter.

Next step is getting the books stateside and onto Amazon, which will probably happen early 2010. But now it's aslo time to focus on some other projects which have been percolating. I have been volunteering with a international children's charity here for the past four years and a couple of years ago we participated in a storytelling project for kids. Now, I still have the story and I hope to publish it to raise funds for the aforementioned charity. I've already approached them with the prospect and they are keen so this Friday, Heather Anderson, GekkoState Books and I shall be having an explatory meeting with them about the possibilities. God willing we can make this work and raise funds for a very good cause.

So until then Heather A is working on the presentation which is a good thing  because I would probably mumble and stumble through it myself.

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