Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor and Delivery

Hope everyone had a good Happy Labor Day weekend. Speaking of labor, after years of laboring over my story 'TSOMF',  it's ready to be  delivered and like most parents I'm anxious, excitited and a little bit scared. Some have asked me what  'TSOMF' stands for - There's Soup on My Fly!

As mentioned in a previous post, the story is about one small boy's quest for a pet. When his requests are constantly rejected, he adopts a pet fly, but it isn't an ordinary fly - it's a magic make-a-wish-and-it-can-be-any-kind-of-pet-you'd-like kind of fly!

I've had meetings a couple of bookstores and they have expressed interest. Now the real hard work  of promoting the book begins.  Marketing is not one of my strong points since I basically like to hide in the shadows. So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. Right now I'm still working on the website, trying to make sure that I get it just right before it goes online. I've had meetings with a couple of stores and they've confirmed orders for it, and I'm setting up an Amazon account.

I've edited  the manuscript so many times that I feel I'm going blind. My illustrator is trying to finish coloring by the deadline and that's why the image above isn't colored yet. Do they call deadlines deadlines because if they're not met someone is quite likely to end up dead? Hey YT, hurry up, man! lol.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement and advice. I'll keep you updated on the book's progress.

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