Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Social Media

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the cover design and the color choice. We'll be test printing some of the suggestions to see which one looks best in print.

Now comes the hard part of promoting it. Does any of you have your own business? Do find it hard marketing your business? What are the pitfalls? I would love to hear from you as I've never run my own business before.

When I was writing for publishers, things were very different. They would take care of marketing and promotions and I would go with the flow. After marketing my books, they would move onto  new books and mine were left to fend for themselves.

Now as a small, small, small, children's book publisher, I've got to find various ways to keep the books out there on a continous basis. But I don't want to do it in an obnoxious 'in-your-face-manner', you know what I mean? How does one do that?

That's why I'm glad I've discovered Social Media, thanks in large part to Clayton Morris's podcast Today in Social Media. Quite frankly, I had never heard of Social Media before. But thanks to Clayton and some very nice people 'I've 'met' in the TISM community - Colleen, Heather, Dan, Jason, GI Joe - I'm learning a lot and trying to navigate myself through SM's waters. Thanks for the great advice guys!

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