Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading Workshop Program

Are your kids voracious readers or are they reluctant ones?  Is picking up a book akin to a root canal for them?  I bring this up because I was watching Fox and Friends Weekend yesterday, and there was a segment about The Reading Workshop program, a program in which kids are now selecting their own books to read  in school.

One kid chose to do a report on 'Captain Underpants'. Ok, granted it's no 'Moby Dick' or 'Great Expectations', but it is humorous and kids are able to relate to it. I totally agree with host Clayton Morris who thinks that if reluctant readers can choose what to read, it may foster a love of reading.  From there they'll possibly develop an interest in the classics. Hey, imagine this - your kids will actually enjoy doing their homework! Revolutionary concept, isn't it?

When I was in school, I never really appreciated the classics. In middle school, I had to read 'Merchant of Venice' over and over again. Yes, Shylock did claim his pound of flesh - from my brain! My comprehension of 'Tess' was an utter mess, and I really didn't have a care for 'Jane Eyre'. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them now, but I didn't then.

Kids already have their other text books to trudge through. Why not leave the classics for when they'll actually enjoy them. So do you think  letting them choose their own books is a good idea? I do.

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