Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When I was just a baby my big brother lent me his one and only  teddy bear. In a show of gratitude, or maybe I was just being territorial, I promptly pooped all over it. That incident scarred my brother as it did his beloved teddy. And he has never let me forget about it!

Which brings me to today's topic -  poopsies. How many parents out there are having a hard time training their kids to go poopsies by themselves. I'm asking because my cousin Gaby  is in the midst of training her youngest to go potty by himself.  Is it harder to train a girl or a boy to go potty by themselves?

Are boys more possessive of their poopsies? I know that my nephews, one in particular, enjoyed giving me  blow-by-blow accounts of their poopsie movements. Maybe it's harder to train boys because they enjoy sharing the experience. I don't know. What do you think?

So please let me know what are your preferred methods of  potty training. What works, what doesn't? Is there a need for books about potty training? Talk to you soon. D

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