Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kids and Kids' Books

Hi Everyone,
I'm David but please call me Dave.
Well, I was inspired to start writing kid's stories when I used to babysit my niece Sam and three nephews Sebastian, Jeremy, and Alexander when my their parents went on their weekly Friday night dates. With four kids under the age of six, Mom and Dad really needed their alone time.

Those marathon babysitting sessions were an experience -  a roller coaster of emotions - laughter, happiness, tears, temper tantrums and endless calls to Mom and Dad, pleading with them to come home ASAP!  Ok, truth be told I made most of those phone calls.

By bed time, this frazzled uncle, would read stacks of bedtime stories until  I lost my voice. That's when my two-and-a-half year old nephew Jeremy would snap: "What's wrong with your brain? Read faster!"

After having my intelligence questioned by a toddler, I decided to come up with a couple of short, and easy-to-read-aloud stories about the Sam and her brothers. I wrote about Sebastian's traumatic first school day - it was traumatic for all of us, believe you me. I wrote about Gramps having the Grumps, an all too common occurence. And I wrote about their cousins, a pair of monkeys my big sister adopted at the zoo. Yes, I am a monkey's uncle!

Well, the kids have grown from toddlers into tweens and teens, but I'm still writing about them.  They've given me a lot of material to work with.  I've recently set up a small publishing business, Bonnie Books and I hope to publish a series of quality children's picture books.  What kind children's picture books you would like to see?  Have your kids inspired you to write picture books? Would you like to know anything about picture book publishing?  I would love to hear from you. Thanks to Clayton Morris and Today In Social Media for the great advice.

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