Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Lion Dance is Out!

My latest book The Lion Dance will be out on 9/11/2014. But I just got my advance copies!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Night Out Book Geeks

Last month Myra suggested that we read Benjamin Alire Saenz's award-winning book Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe for this month's book discussion, so on my next trip to Kinokuniya I picked up a copy.

For this month's meeting we met at a Mexican restaurant because the book's about a pair of Mexican teens and our sole Mexican member Adan had a craving for authentic Mexican food.

L to R: Ken, Benjamin, Jay, Adan, Felicia, Amelia, Myra

So Benjamin kindly made the reservations at a Mexican restaurant and we were set.  Amelia and Myra were already there when Ken and I arrived, and we immediately dug into Myra's bowl of nachos. OK, I  did so without asking. Hey, don't judge me, I was hungry.

It was Ben's and Jay's first SNOBGs meeting, so I was on relatively good behaviour. As some people -names won't be mentioned -have told me to never give people the full 'David Seow Experience' on first meeting. So I didn't. At least I don't think I did.

With most of our members there--Catherine  was in Perth for Book Week, and Emma's  still in the UK--we ordered our respective dinners. And one by one, everyone's dinner arrived except mine.

I wondered why it was taking so long for my order, but then it turned out that someone -who I shall not name- mistakenly took my dinner because she totally forgot what she had ordered. This was quickly rectified when her order arrived and my dinner was returned with two bites taken out of it! What? My first thought was: You just molested my Mexican meal. Ok, that's a huge overreaction. I tend to overreact when I'm hungry.

With the proper meals in their respective places, we began the book discussion. The last time I went through a book this quickly was when I read The Kite Runner.

Like that book, Aristotle and Dante is perfectly paced, the characters are realistically annoying and endearing at turns and there's an unexpected twist at the end that had most of us blindsided. OK, the ladies weren't blindsided. Let's just say that you'll find the secrets of the universe in the most unexpected places.

I don't want to say too much about the book because I don't want to give too much away. You should go buy it as it's not available in the library and there are a few copies left at Kinokuniya. Buy it, people! Oh and Happy Birthday, Felicia.

My unmolested kahlua chocolate mousse

Friday, August 22, 2014

Storytime at Gracefields

Today I headed down to Gracefields kindergarten for storytime with Soefara and Aquilah from Epigram. There were over 80 boisterous kids and it's a lot of fun. Here are some pics from our story-telling session. Thanks, Gracefields.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blow A Kiss

Conflict, riots, shootings, man-made disasters, natural disasters, let's face it the world's not a very happy place of late to say the least. That's why I think my book Blow A Kiss seems very timely right now and as I'm not republishing it, I'm going to share it here with all of you. 

I wrote it about eight years ago and it was first published five years ago but it's no longer available in print. I found a perfect piece of music to go along with it and no copright infringement was intended. The tune is Always and Always ©John Williams from the soundtrack of Stepmom.  So though I'm not perfect and most of the time I'm a grumpy so and so...I'm sending this out to everyone with wishes for peace, love and happiness. Hope I don't sound too sappy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Lion Dance is Dancing its way to the Printers

I've spent the last two days poring over the final layout of the latest Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di book The Lion Dance and I'll be headed to Epigram Books for a final look at the proofs by the end of the week. Hopefully the book will be on the bookshelves by the end of the month. Anyway, here's a sneak peak of the cover.

A Day with the Duchess Review in Little Magazine

There's always room for new parenting magazines in town and the latest is Little Magazine, which just hit the bookshelves this month. Luckily for me, they kindly reviewed A Day with the Duchess. Thanks, guys! Now, what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of the magazine today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Visit to Corporation Primary

Last Friday, Denise, Kelvin and I made a quick stop to Corporation Primary School for a story reading to primary three students.

The kids all agreed that I was a genius, but that was after I asked them to say that I was. Of course I had to reward them with stickers. 

I brought my elephant puppet, Ella with me for my reading of Emma's Elephant. The kids always think it's funny to see a grown man toting around an elephant puppet. As mentioned, my reading was interrupted by several announcements over the PA system.

Once that was done, I immediately launched into reading A Day with the Duchess. Then it was time for the treasure hunt that Denise and I had planned. Thank goodness we had enough prizes for the winners.

Thanks to my fantastic distributors Denise and Kelvin of Closetful of Books for arranging yet another great visit.

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