Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Visit to Corporation Primary

Last Friday, Denise, Kelvin and I made a quick stop to Corporation Primary School for a story reading to primary three students.

The kids all agreed that I was a genius, but that was after I asked them to say that I was. Of course I had to reward them with stickers. 

I brought my elephant puppet, Ella with me for my reading of Emma's Elephant. The kids always think it's funny to see a grown man toting around an elephant puppet. As mentioned, my reading was interrupted by several announcements over the PA system.

Once that was done, I immediately launched into reading A Day with the Duchess. Then it was time for the treasure hunt that Denise and I had planned. Thank goodness we had enough prizes for the winners.

Thanks to my fantastic distributors Denise and Kelvin of Closetful of Books for arranging yet another great visit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Artwork for The Lion Dance

My wonderful illustrator, Soefara keeps out-doing herself. These are her latest pieces from our upcoming book, The Lion Dance.

A Fun Day with the Kids and Teachers of EtonHouse Preschool

Today Soefara, Denise and I headed on down to EtonHouse for a visit and boy did we have a  lot of fun. The principal, Gabrielle, met Soefara and me at the entrance and led us up to the classes we would be visiting: The K2 Bandicoots and the K2 Kangaroos.

I have to say that the kids were brilliant, so smart and a lot better behaved than I was at their age,  or even  now!  After reading If I Were a Blue Kangaroo and At the Night Safari, I discussed what you need to write a story: characters, setting, and plot, while Soefara talked about how she transforms the words of a story into pictures.

Then it was time for the kids to come up with a story of their own. We decided they would write about a character named Ferjerbert.  

The Bandicoots decided that Ferjerbert was a six-year
-old space alien monster with a pet named Flubber who got stuck 
on a very sticky moon.

Soefara's sketch of me reading to the K2 Kangaroos

The K2 Kangaroos had a different idea of who Ferjerbert was. They said that he was a 100-year-old boy with a space alien head and a dinosaur tail who loved eating curry rice ice cream. Yum! He crashed landed on the moon after the rockets on his space ship fell off!

Then two kids from Bandicoot shared their stories about Ferjerbert. Some kids said the moon was sticky because it was made of caramel. I thought this was brilliant! One of the kids, Nico, said that when Ferjerbert and Flubber got stuck on the sticky moon, Ferjerbert tickled Flubber until Flubber burst into tears of laughter and the tears washed away the stickiness! Genius!

Two kids from Kangaroo shared their original stories about a Princess party and a trip to the beach. The stories were amazing! I also have to say I was very impressed by K2 student Eito's drawings. He's so good and he's only five! And his friend Bun does a great job too! 

At the end of the session we handed out stickers to everyone and the two kids who shared their stories received limited edition paper dolls from our latest book, A Day with the Duchess. Thank you to the kids and teachers of EtonHouse for a wonderful morning! Let's do it again!

Friday, July 18, 2014

For the passengers and crew of MH17 and their families

There are no words for this tragic event today. Prayers for the passengers and crew and their families. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Red Carpet

This Saturday my friend Ray and I headed down to Shaw Centre for the Red Carpet of the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet event. Well 2014 seems to be the year of the big movie red carpet events: in March there was the Spiderman 2 red carpet event at Marina Bay Sands, in May there was the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie premiere and just this Saturday, Guardians of the Galaxy had a red carpet event at the Shaw Centre.

I attempted to sketch a portrait of the stunning Zoe Saldana but it didn't turn out quite as I would have hoped, but I brought it along with me in the hopes of getting it autographed.

The event set up was similar to the  X-Men event and I arrived at around 12:30 for a good spot a long the red carpet. At the X-Men event we were about half way down and the stars were hurried along. We missed getting Peter Dinklage! So this time we decided that we should move further up front.

By 3pm, there still weren't that many fans around and I found a spot right near the start of the red carpet.  Ray arrived shortly thereafter with the Guardians of the Galaxy poster I ordered.

Then it was time to wait it out. The emcees of the event played a couple of games with fans who were near the stage and then by 7pm the stars started arriving.  We were told that they would start arriving in 10 minute intervals.

First up was Dave Bautista or Batitsta as he's known to WWE fans. I saw him when he was here for a WWE event about 7 years ago, but I didn't get to meet him. It was pandemonium when he arrived and I wanted to pass him a copy of A Day with the Duchess but things were so crazy that I missed the opportunity and security whisked him away. He did, however, very kindly sign my poster.

Dave Bastita signs for fans.

Dave Bautista autograph

Next up was the film's director James Gunn.  He dove straight in 
and started signing for fans from the start. This time I gave him a copy of the Duchess straight off and his assistant was pictured holding it for him while he signed away. He signed my poster for me!!

Gunn's assistant holds the book while he signs. Photo: Yahoo News

Finally after waiting another ten minutes or so, the beautiful Zoe Salandana arrived looking absolutely stunning. People began to push and shove. Pens and promotional photos shot up in the air, everyone clamouring to get her attention.

The ever gracious leading lady smiled, posed for selfies and signed autographs. Ray kept on blocking me with hisposter, which did tick me off more than once. I held out my portrait for her to sign and she very, very kindly said that it was lovely and then I gave her a copy of A Day with the Duchess and I told her that I wrote it.

She then kindly signed my poster as well. I got two autographs! And she signed her name in full!

With that I had to dash off in a cab for a birthday party and I made it just in time! All in all it was a pretty awesome day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Weekend at the Bookstores

I spent most of my weekend visiting bookstores around Singapore. Thanks to Bookaburra, Times Centrepoint and Playdate for hosting my visits. Also a big thanks to my distributors Denise and Kelvin from Closetful of Books for arranging my in-store appearances.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Michael Owen in Singapore

After 13 years, World Cup '98 hero and England, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Real Madrid Striker was back in town for a series of personal appearances for Wisma Atria. I first met him back in 2001, when he was in town for a promotional tour with Liverpool. He was nice and incredibly down to earth back then and he still is. Now that he's a dad of four, I took the opportunity to give him a copy of A Day with the Duchess for his youngest daughter.

Here are some photos from yesterday.

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