Peter Chiarelli, screenwriter of The Proposal

I was most impressed with your book  There's Soup on My Fly! As an ex-teacher I thought it was a terrific book and one which would have a great impact on children of the age. I taught i.e. some five to six year olds. I wanted to write and tell you what a great idea it was and how well it was set out. I thought it was superb.
Caroline Saker, United Kingdom

My son Finn loves your book, There's Soup on My Fly - he insists I read it to him every night and it has taken the place of his Thomas the Tank books as his new favorite. I watch him concentrate really hard as I read it and he seems very satisfied when it is finished. Congratulations on a great success!
Will Lee, USA

I ordered two of your books The Littlest Emperor and  Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale on Amazon. I read There's Soup on My Fly! and it is wonderfully written an the illustrations are creative and just perfect.
Shirley Carter, USA

Blow A Kiss is a  beautiful book. It's a real keeper.
Cecilia Luescher, USA

My friend has to read There's Soup on My Fly! to his three-year-old before she sleeps. It's been a month already. She's infatuated with it.
Nicky Ransome, Singapore

Tuc Watkins, star of Mummy, Beggars & Choosers, One Life to Live, Desperate Housewives.

A note from best-selling author Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides & Beach Music. My mom gave him a copy of Soup when she met him on a cruise. He asked for another copy for his granddaughter.

Matthew Settle, star of Band of Brothers, Celestine Prophecy, Gossip Girl and the upcoming Faith of Anna Waters. Really nice guy.

A note from multiple medal winning Olympian Dara Torres whom my mom met on another cruise. She presented the champion swimmer with There's Soup on My Fly! and Blow A Kiss for her daughter Tessa.

Dave Briggs, weekend anchor of Fox and Friends. Tweeted Dave on Twitter and sent him a couple of my books for his kids. This is the response he sent! Nice guy.

Alisyn  Camerota, weekend anchor of Fox and Friends. I sent her a couple of books for her kids and this was the response she sent. She's a really nice lady.

Michael Bible, Singer.

 Actor/Director Rupert Friend "Homeland"

 Actor Greg Grunberg "Heroes"

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