Monday, November 6, 2017

Bahasa Book Launch

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the book launch of Hidayah Amin's latest book, Bahasa, which traces the evolution of Malay languages throughout the region.

Let me just say that no one in town does book launches quite like Hidayah. She really goes above and beyond to make it an experience that everyone will enjoy.  While one could launch a book at certain book festivals, I feel that book festival launches won't really give one's book the attention it deserves, since so many other programmes are going on simultaneously and one can't really effectively launch one's literary labor of love in a 30 minute time slot.

Hidayah kicked off the launch by giving a short speech before inviting Professor Emeritus Abdullah Hassan to the podium to share a few words about the book.  This was followed by a panel discussion and a musical performance and then it was time for refreshments of Malay delicacies. With their appetites satiated, Hidayah's enthusiastic fans quickly formed a long, long, long line to get their books signed.

If you haven't bought her book, I suggest you might like to do so. It's highly informative and interesting and those aren't mutually exclusive. I'm surprised that it was not included in Bahasa Week, considering the book is about Bahasa. I'm  it will be included in next year's Bahasa Week. I mean like what better book should be included in Bahasa Week than a book titled Bahasa? 

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