Monday, November 7, 2016


Last week, Pastor Joel spoke of moving on from pain in his sermon and it resonated with me. Mainly because we've talked about it a lot and also because I know many people  have been through indescribable pain as have I. 

Four years ago I wrote my book If I were a Blue Kangaroo…. It’s about how one could have the most fantastic experiences that life has to offer but they would mean nothing if one didn’t have a good friend to share them with. But you don’t just share good times with your friends, you share all times with them, good, bad and the in-between times.

Now, I’m not one to make friends easily but when I do make a friend, I value them and treasure them and I intend to keep them for life. I will do anything to help, support and encourage them in any way that I can and likewise I hope they will do the same for me. We may not always agree on things and we may occasionally have squabbles and spats, but that is part and parcel of life. But I always appreciate their honesty and their opinions. I try never to take advantage of them or take them for granted because friends never do that to one another. And most of all, I never intend to hurt them or cause them pain of any kind.

From the end of last year and through a great deal of this year,  I have been in a period of unspeakable pain. It was so unbearable that it began to manifest in physical symptoms, so much so that I had to be rushed to the hospital for a cardiac check up.

My family suffered and stood alongside me as they always have  and always will  and I love them so much, though my grumpy exterior may not show it. 

My few close friends were there for me to provide warm words of comfort, to listen when I needed to talk and to give much needed hugs whenever necessary. They allowed me time and space; they let me cry freely and picked up the shards of my shattered self from the ravine of complete utter devastation;  then gently pieced back parts of my soul that I thought irretrievably lost. They made me feel valued and worthwhile again.

I would like to thank them for being there for me. They don’t know what a blessing they have been to me throughout this insufferable time and they can count on me to always be there for them whether they want me to or not. Thank you to my family, Pastor Joel and the rest of my friends both far and near who have always helped me through so many things. I’m still not 100%  but I am getting there slowly. I’m getting there and I’m moving on and not looking back. 

Now if you’re down and suffering with no one to talk to you can always contact #SOS or me if you need a confidential listening ear. If you’re in pain know you’re not alone.  Sending lots of love your way to you all.

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