Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Making Brushing Fun

Take it from me, writing a book with a moral or a lesson isn't easy. I've worked on some commissioned books and it takes all your creative energy and stretches it to the limits and then some.

Most people think that writing children's picture books are easy and that's why so many people think that they can do it. "Oh I'll write a picture children's book, it'll be easy!"

Those of us who have made it our living know otherwise. You have to take so many things into consideration and the most important message of all is how to get your message across in 600 to 800 words?

Written by first time author, Srividhya Venkat, this is a great bedtime story for kids who don't want to brush their teeth or clean up in any way.  In this story Riya has to teach her brother Rohan the importance of brushing his teeth, washing his hands and tidying up. Pretty mundane stuff but she cleverly uses the family dog as a device to get him to clean up.

This is a neat little book about the importance of personal hygiene with quirky accompanying illustrations that highlight the importance of the authors message.

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