Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Asian Festival of Children's Content 2016

It's that time of year when the biggest and brightest names in children's literature hit our shores for the annual Asian Festival of Children's Content which is being held at the National Library Building from the 25 -29 May 2016.

Though the National Book Development Council of Singapore is a relatively small organisation, the team there has successfully organised one of the biggest children's literary events in the region for the past couple of years, bringing literary glitterati from around the world for a week or talks, workshops and evening events and award ceremonies. 

Chris Cheng

Emily Lim

Chris Nixon

Ken Spillman

Naomi Kojima

Leonard Marcus

AJ Low

Susanna Goho-Quek
Dave Liew

Sarah Odedina

Shaun Tan

Cynthea Liu
The festival includes a parent's forum and a teachers congress as well as the ever popular Asian Writers and Illustrators Conference, where aspiring authors will get the chance to pitch their manuscripts to the likes of Sarah Odedina, editor of the Harry Potter series!! 

You'll get  a chance to listen to industry heavy weights like Chris Cheng,  Kathleen Ahrens, Leonard Marcus, Naomi Kojima, AJ Low, Cynthea Liu, Ken Spillman,  Chris Nixon, Rilla Melati and perhaps even get to chat with them during lunch or tea breaks. This year Academy Award winning author-illustrator Shaun Tan will be conducting a Skype session, so you'll be able to ask him anything you'd like. Within reason, of course.

Whether you're a parent, teacher or an aspiring author, the Asian Festival of Children's Content is one event on the literary calendar that you don't want to miss. So sign up today. Click the link below for more information

Details for Asian Festival of Children's Content Here.

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