Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Book on Friendship

I like to write stories about things that I think need to be addressed. In my book, There's Soup on My Fly! I wrote about a small boy's all consuming desire for a pet, any pet! 

In Blow a Kiss I wrote about a child's wish to spread love to a very damaged and shattered world. 

And in If I were a Blue Kangaroo...I wrote about the importance of having a true friend who means more than any other whimsical fantastical things you could possibly have.

Now, we first make friends when we're in school and it's while we're there than we learn that friendship isn't always so clear cut. You'll have fights and you'll  fall out.  You'll be friends one minute and the next something will happen and you're no longer on speaking terms. You'll lose touch, sometimes for a while and sometimes for longer than that. And sometimes friendships come to an end whether we want them to or not. But that's life.

The risk we take when making friends is that friends may disappoint you and may hurt you very badly by what they say or what they do. But it's a risk that is worth taking and no matter what road our friendships take, we all learn something from them.

What I want kids to know is that no matter how badly you may be hurt by friends  there will always be people who make you feel valued and worthwhile again; new friends will come along just when you need them. And that is the book I would like to write for kids.

Points I'd like to include:
1. Friendship is mutual
2. It's about give and take
3.  Trust
4. Honesty
5. Respect
6. Loyalty
7 Gratitude
8. It should never be should never be taken for granted
9. It should never be taken advantage of.

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