Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Geeks Meeting

Last weekend, Amelia kindly hosted our monthly book club discussion and she made her famous tuna salad sandwiches! Yum! Our book of the month was "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler"

Ken and I were the first to arrive, followed by Myra whose taxi driver thought I was her dad! Unbelievable! Felicia, Adan and Dave went to the wrong house and were greeted by a rather discombobulated helper when they asked about the book club! Amelia quickly redirected them and they arrived with booze in hand just in time to watch The Hideaways, a 1973 production based on the novel, starring Ingrid Bergman.

What a trip!  The soundtrack, the fashions and the acting were all laughable. Click the video below to watch it for yourself. I can't believe Ingrid Bergman went from Casablanca and playing Golda Meir to this!

Mum got Ingrid Bergman and got  this autograph in London around the time period
the movie was made.

Anyway, we discussed the differences between the book and its screen adaptation. I think we all agreed that the main character came across as a lot more annoying and whiny than she did in the book.

As usual Myra had to leave early but the rest of us hung around until about 10:30pm. Thanks for a fun evening, Amelia. Next meeting's at my place and I'm cooking!

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