Monday, June 8, 2015

Asian Festival of Children's Content, Day Three

I got to the festival late in the afternoon, grogged-out to the max on my cold medicine. It was a public holiday so there were no panel talks or sessions going on. The only activities were taking place at the Plaza @ the Library.

I was scheduled to do a reading but there weren't that many young children around except for those at Ellie's booth who were more interested in face painting and drawing than listening to me tell a story. That was fine with me as my voice was rapidly vanishing.

TV Star, or should I say Singapore's version of Oprah Winfrey, Rilla Melati,  had her own booth to promote her books so she stopped by to say Hi as Dave Liew drew an amazing illustration of a tree house  While Dave was drawing his tree house, my illustrator , Soefara, was  also doing an amazing illustration of her own and both parents and kids stopped to watch these two talented artists at work. When they were done, Denise put up their illustrations on the wall of Closetful of Books, a long with a LE prints Auntie Susanna's.

Now, I have to say that Closetful of Books did an amazing job with the bookstore this year. I don't think that we could have asked for a better bookstore. Their set up was clean and fresh and focused on the most important thing of the festival---the books.

Denise and Kelvin had the books arranged so that they were easily accessible and if you couldn't find a book you were looking for they would find it for you. It's just a matter of time before they becoming Singapore's premiere children's book specialists. Long may they continue to be AFCC's official bookstore. The authors and book buyers love them and that's no hyperbole.

As dusk drew close, Kenneth and I headed to Ying's hotel to pick her up for dinner. Kenneth decided on his preferred choice of restaurant, the Island Cafe @ Tangs which has a wide array of both local and international cuisine. Good choice, Kenneth and thanks for dinner.

Auntie Susanna and Tsai were supposed to join us, but their bus from KL was delayed, so we scoffed everything down and then went to ION for dessert.

And they joined us for dessert there. Tired out from the afternoon, I decided to head back home, only to be lectured by Mum and Dad for hanging out so late when I was still not 100%. It's amazing that parents can still nag even when you're sick!

So I dealt with it by taking my antibiotics and going to sleep.

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