Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saturday Night Out Book Geeks: Shadow and Bone, The Grisha

Last month we discussed Leigh Bardugo's book, Shadow and Bone: The Grisha, the first book in her best-selling trilogy. Myra kindly obtained free copies of the book for all of us -Thanks, Myra - so it was only obvious that we head over to her place for our book discussion. 

After our dinner of  Filipino fare including chicken, barbecued squid, fried pork rinds as well as otah, pizza and more chicken, we began discussing our thoughts. 

While most of us agreed that it was an easy read,  some of us felt that the author had been 'lazy' with certain parts of the book. Nevertheless, we all agreed that we should continue with the series before coming up with a final opinion on the series as a whole.

With the discussion done, Adan, Amelia, Felicia, Catherine and Myra, Myka, Dave  and Kenneth   got down to the business of Karaoke. Every book club discussion should have a karaoke element to it, don't you think?

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