Thursday, February 12, 2015

United World College (East) and Quayside Isle School Visits. Thanks for having me!

I started my week of school visits at United World College (East). I normally take a taxi when I'm travelling around town, but on the day of my visit I decided to be adventurous and I took a train. I set out from home an hour before my session was due and I arrived at the train station with about 45 minutes to spare. That's when the trouble started. I was told that there would be no problems catching a cab, but there was a surprisingly long line and my attempts to book a cab were unsuccessful. As the minutes ticked by I began to panic. I hate being late more than anything else. I called Denise and Kelvin, my distributors and school runners, explaining the situation, but as she doesn't drive either, and couldn't pick me up, I was basically stuck at the taxi stand.

Thankfully a lady behind me in the queue told me that I might have better luck at the cab stand at the mall across the street. I hightailed it to the stand and within a minute I caught a cab and floored it to the school. I was about 8 minutes late and I felt completely horrible about it. Kelvin met me at the security and quickly ushered me to the primary school library where everyone was waiting for me!

Apologising for my tardiness, I launched into my session. My friend and fellow picture book author, Emily Lim was already there waiting to watch my session even more harrowing as she was speaking right after me.

Anyway the kids were great and so responsive to all my questions. I usually start my session with a photo of me as a baby, saying it's  a photo of the cutest baby ever. And most of the kids will agree - out of good manners - but there will be one or two who shout "No it isn't! And that usually sets the tone for the rest of my session.

After taking some questions and handing out stickers and paper dolls,  I was presented with a nicely wrapped gift that the kids asked me to unwrap right there. It was a nice UWC tumbler. Just what I need.  Emily was up next and she did a brilliant job as always. Thank you to the wonderful teachers and kids of UWC (East) for having me. It was a blast!

My next visit was to Quayside Isle on Sentosa. I first went there last year right before my trip to London. The teachers and kids are great! I read to four classes and as always it was fun! Kids are so much smarter than the were when I was small. Or at least they are a lot smarter than I was!  Thanks for having me over again, Quayside Isle.

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