Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Launch of Dave Liew's Nightmare on Eat Street - Tales from the Leopard Eating House

On Halloween,  Emma, Jim and I made our way to the Singapore Writers Festival for the book launch  of Dave Liew's 'Nightmare on Eat Street: Tales from the Leopard Eating House'. Dave was his usual entertaining self and he put on a great show. He and his helpers were all dressed up for his spooky book launch. In fact, all of us were supposed to dress up but I thought my usual attire would be scary enough so I came as myself, as did Emma and Jim.

Now we had to decipher some clues if we wanted to win the grand prize of a cauldron of Candy. It's needless to say I came up with the answer first and as I went to claim my prize I was told that I could help myself to some of the candy but not all of it. Say what?

Anyway Jim and I went to the book pavilion to buy ourselves a copy of the book which Dave kindly signed for us. Then I grabbed myself somemore candy. At that point, I got a message from my good friend Jacqueline Harvey who was in town for some school visits and to speak at the festival. It seemed that we just missed her and she had already headed back to her hotel.

Jim, Emma and I decided to meet up with her for a late supper and so we met at her hotel and headed down to the Hilton for some late-late night canapes before calling it a night.

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