Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saturday Night Out Book Geeks: What Milo Saw

So for this month's book club discussion we decided on Virginia Macgregor's book What Milo Saw. As the Formula Night Race was on, we decided well in advance to meet somewhere out of town. Kenneth suggested Relish at Cluny Court which is renown for their burgers which are delish. So, of course we all agreed and I made a reservation for 7pm.

Myra and Benjamin were the first ones there and we started discussing the book before everyone else arrived. Emma and Catherine were next followed by  Adan and Felicia, Kenneth and finally Amelia.

Catherine's been busy with her move back to Singapore so this was the first time she's joined us in two months. Emma also just got back from her summer vacation back home in England and so this veddy English book was an appropriate main course for our evening.

Emma's pasta

Milo has retinitis pigmentosa: he's losing his sight. And that's just the start of his problems. Dad's run off with his tart and new baby Mum's salon business is going bust, Milo's school grades are suffering, his pet pig Hamlet is growing at an exponential rate but Mum's sent off great gran to a dodgy nursing home run by the sinister Nurse Thornhill and Milo's just got to get her safely home again!

Ken's spam fries

Emma pronounced the book 'Very English'. Adan hadn't finished it and was not liking it at all. Felicia said that she would gladly give the book away to anyone who wanted it as she did not like it either. Catherine thought it had too many 'boring bits', Benjamin did not like the book. Myra liked it but pointed out the flaws. Ken, Emma and I liked it and thought that it was a quick read and entertaining enough. And Amelia read the first page and fell asleep.

My bacon burger.
So, yup, we were pretty much divided on the book. We weren't, however, divided on the food. Kenneth ordered the spam fries and they were excellent!!

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