Sunday, June 1, 2014

AFCC DAY 3: A Day of Book Launches

The third day of the AFCC got off to a fantastic start when I met up with the wonderful Sally Gardner for a quick glass of Coca-Cola along with Denise from Closetful of Books, Evelyn Sue Wong, Felicia Low and Adan Jimenez.

After lunch Evelyn, Corinne Robson, Myra Garces Bascal and Ken Spillman launched their bibliography on rice to a packed roomful of participants. This year's festival theme is rice and so it is no wonder that this year's theme had me hankering for a nice bowl of fried grain.

Shortly after that it was time to get ready for my book launch of A Day with the Duchess. I'm always a bundle of nerves before any of my book launches. What if people don't show up? What if there aren't any kids? I'm so grateful to everyone who came and showed up to help. Mum, Auntie Susanna, Andrea, Corinne, Emma, Evelyn, Faith, Marjorie, Helen, Karen, Kristina, the two Lindas,  Sarah, Mika, Tilly, Dave, Kelvin, Simon, Peter and everyone. I'm sorry if I left anyone out. But a HUGE thanks.

The best launch was yet to come and I'm saying this without the hint of any bias. Auntie Susanna had discussed her launch for Fun at the Opera  with me and she seemed uncertain about what she was going to do, but you wouldn't have guessed it if you had been there.

The launch was absolutely brill. She started off by wearing one of her Chinese Opera hats. Niece Jeanne, and granddaughters Tilly and Mika were drafted in to help by donning Chinese Opera costumes.

Auntie Susanna regaled us with stories about growing up with an opera troupe and Claire Chiang told us about the big plans that are in store for what started out as a sweet little book. Auntie Su's Opera is going be heard long and loud for years to come. At the conclusion of her launch Auntie Susanna invited everyone to join in an opera dance as a classical Chinese flautist played. It was a fantastic, fun launch! I have to say Mum had more fun at Auntie Susanna's launch than my own.

Mum was feeling tired after both launches so I accompanied her back home, but not before stopping at my great friend Sarah Mounsey's launch for her third book in her award-winning trilogy Purple Paw Prints and the Itchy Spots. Sarah is always able to charm and capture an audience in a way that I could never do.

Once I was back home, I showered, changed and headed back out the door for India Night at Bugis Plus.  Mr SR Nathan, 6th President of Rep of Singapore was launching the translated versions of his book The Crab and the Crane.

HE and I share several similarities, if I say so myself. 1) We're both Singaporean. 2.) We write children's books  3.) We have the same publisher. And that's about it! While Mr President is climbing the heights of publishing...I'm er...stuck in first grade!

Auntie Susanna was at the forefront once again when it was announced that her book with Chris Cheng Water had been translated and she was called to the stage to pose before a phalanx of photographers.

With the formalities of the evening over, we were treated to a performance by the ultra talented Kiran Shah and Rosemarie Somiah that left is in stitches.

President Nathan was besieged by some fans for an autograph as the evening concluded. It reminded me of myself every time I approach a celebrity and hound them for their John Hancock. Note to self: STOP IT!

As HE was leaving, he took time to stop and pose for a photograph with Auntie Susanna. It turns out that he knew her Dad!

And so the third glorious day of the AFCC had come to an end. Once again kudos to the AFCC and NBDCS team. You always seem to out do yourselves.

Anyway I had better stop blogging as I'm supposed to accompany Sally Gardner to the TV studios for an interview soon! After that I have a pitch session and a meeting with my Angel Agents Andrea and Helen. Busy, busy, day!

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