Thursday, May 1, 2014

London Day Eight, 2014

So I woke up my second Saturday in London in my huge, comfyguest bed at Gee Yung and Chris'. Gee Yung was in the living room by the time I went down and we discussed the plans for the day. Gee suggested several ideas but I wanted to take things free and easy.

So we got ready, hopped on a bus and headed to regent street for a quick breakfast of chocolate croissants and coffee. I really wanted to go to Hamley's, my favourite toy shop when I was a kid...I guess it still we braved the crowds and went into Hamley's. Things are still overpriced there so I did some window shopping and posed with lego statues of Will and Kate before Gee headed off to the gym, leaving me to wander around Carnaby Street for an hour.

It was while I was walking around that I met James of James Meets just by chance. I had contacted him via facebook and we exhanged messages before my trip so it was nice to finally meet him in person. James' friend was surprised that people from all over the world recognise him and the fact that he's quite a celebrity.

Fresh from his workout, Gee and I walked to Chinatown, where we met Chris for a dim sum lunch. Gee suggested going to the fringe theatre or seeing the play Urinetown but I was just happy to relax for the day. After lunch we bussed it back to their place and then I promptly took an afternoon nap.

Chris bussing it back home with Kate after lunch.

 I woke up just in time to head out for a lovely Italian dinner.

A view of Big Ben on our walk to dinner


Chris and Gee planned an early start for the next day to watch the London Marathon and I was determined to hit the red carpet forthe Olivier Awards.

Chris and Gee

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