Friday, March 14, 2014

Young Authors, Books and Dinner with Kate Forsyth

Kenneth Quek, Gabby Tye, Lesley Anne Tan and Rachelle Toh

OK, I should have blogged about this sooner. Sorry about the delay. Last week I was rushing about all over town for various events. First up was a New Word Order session with young authors,  Rachelle Toh, Lesley Anne Tan, and Gabby Tye and  moderated by Deputy Director of the Book Council, Kenneth Quek.

Lesley Anne writes the Danger Dan series with her mum Monica Lim for Epigram and we share the same editor, the brilliant and supremely patient Sheri, who was also at the talk along with Epigram's marketing maestro, Ilangoh. 

For an hour, the three young authors discussed their experiences in publishing.

Check out my blurb

Book two

Kenneth and Lesley Anne

The next day, I met up with my old friend and colleague Dr Rose Sivam to film a spot for a project she's working on. I practised my most intellectual interview tone for my spot to find out that she wouldn't be using the audio for my segment. Well, I suppose that's one way to make sure nobody hears what I have to say: shoot me without the audio!

At the end of the week, Kenneth was back at the Arts House to host an evening with best-selling author Kate Forsyth. It was a fascinating talk, and she overcame incredible odds early on in her life to become a fantastic author. She's truly inspirational and incredibly funny too.

Kate Forsyth and Kenneth

After her talk and book signing, we headed to the Esplanade to grab some a bite to eat.

As it was a Friday night, everything was packed and noisy, but we managed to find a quiet Chinese restaurant. It was practically empty and upon seeing that I thought the food would be rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised and I'll definitely go back there.

Emma gives a copy of Princess Petunia to Kate
Telling Kate why I always want to quit writing!

After dinner snap

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